Chalair, a victim of the incompetence of the supervisory authorities?

You will tell me that President Macron has begun to make a lot of noise in Brussels.
We will see if these vociferations will have any effect, but it is still far from being won.
In any case, and even if the Chalair affair is perhaps "borderline", we can not help noticing with what virtuosity, how fast and what ardor our authorities of tutelles to act, n not hesitating to search and open a "preliminary inquiry"!
Funny, however, to see the support for our businesses.
It must be said that this Europe, of which I am a convinced and irreducible adept, deserves to be totally "rethought", not to say refounded. The problem, however, is that all companies, particularly in the airline industry, have rushed into the smallest loopholes, without any sanction or even notice from those bureaucrats who think more about legislating on zucchini size. or soft cheeses!
And that with us, in Gaulery, we prefer to punish or at least suspect our companies … because we do not know how to do anything else?
But it is true that, while an unfortunate Chalair or an XL Airways that support hundreds of employees, a Ryanair fights the roubignolles of the most basic rules of work.
There are moments, frankly, where so much stupidity, irresponsibility makes you shudder!
Of course, there will surely be a moron who will judge all this very Poujadiste …
And your sister ?

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