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In October, a new option for setting up geolocation segments – "Polygon"

In mid-October, Yandex announced new opportunities for working with geolocation segments – "Polygon". It allows you to create on the map any shape of points and straight lines between them and more precisely target the audience, as well as experimenting with texts and formats in different territories. The Russian operator of telecom services became the first company to test the updated functionality and the possibilities of hyperlocal targeting. Immediate implementation of the project involved the digital performance agency iProspect Russia (included in Dentsu Aegis Network Russia) in conjunction with the Yandex team. The experiment was conducted in 12 regions of the operator's presence. In the framework of this experiment, we expected to receive a growth in conversion due to more accurate targeting for those who are not yet a subscriber to At the first stage, the list of houses connected to the services was selected. Then, based on these data, Yandex created special Audiences, in which the radius from the selected point was 10 meters, unlike the standard settings with a radius of 500 meters. These segments were launched advertising in the search and the Yandex network with the use of an incremental correction factor. Unlike standard targeting, hyperlocal targeting, in conjunction with the established adjustments, showed good results. For example, in five regions out of 12, CPL from the lists for which corrections were applied was halved, and CR (conversion rate) in several regions grew more than twice. "We would like to express our gratitude to Yandex for the opportunity to be the first to test such an important tool, taking into account the specifics of the work of Internet providers – precise geo-targeting" Polygon ", which allowed targeting the audience most in need of our services. The team iProspect showed excellent results, thanks to competent and effective management of advertising campaigns ", – commented the head of Digital Andrey Shubin. "We faced the challenge of increasing conversion through more accurate geo-targeting. During the test, we analyzed the intermediate results for the campaigns and quickly made changes aimed at optimizing the conversion and lowering its cost: updating the ad text, changing bids, adjusting the ratio to a higher / lower based on the intermediate results for each campaign and segment. The new hyperlink "Polygon" in combination with effective campaign management allowed us to achieve such high results, "said Natalia Asaula, head of the marketing research group at iProspect Russia.

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