AMSLAV puts the package on river cruises, in 2018 – You are releasing a new brochure, for the first time in November, what can you tell us about this one?
Natacha Demoux: First of all, I want to remind you that for the first time in 16 years and a half of existence, we are leaving a brochure at the beginning of November, it consists exclusively of guaranteed departures (circuits that leave from 2 participants and all products that are already near organized).
Customers are booking earlier and earlier, it was damaging for us to lose this customer base, we decided to take action by releasing a 48-page document filled with novelties.
It is obviously smaller than the one coming out at the end of February, and it will be available from next week in branches. It includes everything about New Year's Eve, tours, cruises and trans-Siberian. – Why release this brochure now, and what's new?
Natacha Demoux: Simply because customers book earlier and earlier, it is unfortunate to lose a customer, while a simple brochure could do the trick.
The most important addition is the new tour in Russia with "St. Petersburg and the wonders of Karelia", with off-the-beaten track tours: hiking with huskies, overnight in a typical guesthouse, master – class on the manufacture of matriochkas.
Then we focused on the river cruise, which is a priority development, our sales in the cruises in Russia have been multiplied by 3, since 2015. So naturally we expand our offer with the Danube , the Main and the Rhine, for 2018.
In addition, we offer an 8-day cruise between Split and Dubrovnik on a 5-star 19-cabin schooner.
And to return to Russia, we have a new product on the Trans-Siberian, with an 11-day itinerary across Russia, all with a French-speaking guide. Finally, our cruise between Saint Petersburg and Moscow will be accessible from Marseille and Lyon.

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