Allegedly Travel the Fictitious Office, Five Employees of Bappeda in OTT

The four State Civil State Officers (ASN) and an honorary officer in one area of ​​the Bappeda were arrested for allegedly fictitious fictitious travel or fictitious Official Travel Orders (SPPD) at the Bappeda Office. The joint team of Seruyan Police has secured evidence in the form of money Rp9 million more, some documents, computers, flash and others.

Related OTT, Seruyan Police Chief AKBP Nandang Mu'min SIK through visible Reskrim Iptu Wahyu Satiyo Budiharjo said, currently it is still collecting other evidence to deepen the OTT results.

"For the five Bappeda employees, while this is still a witness status. So there is no detention of them, "said Wahyu when confirmed reporters in Kuala Pembuang, Tuesday (31/10), was launched from the Central Post (Jawa Pos Group).
Currently the case is still under development. A number of other witnesses will be questioned, to determine the status of some of the Bappeda Seruyan employees being examined.
"From the results of development, will be pursed which can be used as a suspect or witnesses," explained Wahyu accompanied by Head of Ops Polres Seruyan Kompol Kujang Kusnaya and Understanding Intel Iptu Masriwiyono.
In addition to the five witnesses, Wahyu continued, his side has also examined eight employees of Bappeda Seruyan from other fields. And certainly the head of Bappeda Seruyan will also be questioned.
Currently, according to Wahyu, his side is still deepening all witnesses. After the title of the case will be followed up with the determination of the status.
Criminal Reskrim explains, OTT was held joint team Polres Seruyan because based on police sources, there are allegations of tactical funds submitted suspected fictitious fictitious or SPPD fictitious.
"This is actually the result of the development and examination of pure criminal acts of corruption. Because for official travel is taken from the state budget, causing losses to the state, "he said.

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