Alhamdullilah, Soon Again Habib Rizieq Returns to Indonesia

Sugito Atmo Pawiro as Rizieq's spokesperson confessed, got Habib Rizieq will soon return to the homeland.

"So there is a plan in the near future, if it has confirmed my kabari (when exactly)," he told, Friday (27/10).

But he made sure, Rizieq who became suspect cases of alleged chat nasty it had long been wanting to go home. But for a number of things, Rizieq chose to survive first.
While in Saudi Arabia, Rizieq also filled his days with worship. Starting from Umrah, to finally pilgrimage on the haj season some time ago.
In Saudi Arabia, Rizieq also met with a number of political figures in Indonesia. In fact he met with the great scholar from India, Zakir Naik.
Known, Metro Jaya Police previously set Rizieqdan Firza Husein as suspected cases of alleged pornography circulating through the site
After being designated as a suspect, Rizieq went abroad and has yet to return to Indonesia.

(elf / JPC)

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