AC Milan bought three new strikers but all three have not been able to be consistent

Milan bring in 11 new players and there are some new strikers that appear, but they are considered not able to reach the maximum level.

The Milan legend, Alessandro Costacurta, spoke up. He admitted that Milan should be able to bring in strikers who have higher class again.

Indeed Milan had been linked with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Andrea Belotti, but failed to bring both players. Costacurta discussed this.
"With players like Aubameyang or Belotti on the front lines, we'll be talking about a very different Milan," he told Sky Sports Italia.
"It's very clear they lack quality on the front line.He very often do pull bait but the front players often make mistakes in front of goal," he concluded.
Andre Silva, Fabio Borini, and Nikola Kalinic are actually three new strikers brought in by Milan. But, all three have not achieved the best performance at this time.

(rap / JPC)

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