9 Perfume Songs That You Must List (Japanese Music Vol.4)

For this week you should hear a song from Perfume, a popular Japanese electronic group
Now, Duniaku.net has a new recommendation article for you who want to dive deeper into Japanese songs and add insight into Japanese songs. The song offered here must be something you already know or maybe there is something you do not know yet. Not bad to add references and playlists for your smartphone. This time Duniaku.net will discuss about the song Perfume, a popular electronic group from Japan.
Perfume is a trio consisting of Ayano Oumoto (Nocchi), Ayaka Nishiwaki (A-chan), Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka). They have been formed from the year 2000 and originated from Hiroshima. This group is produced directly by a musician and Capsule personnel named Yasutaka Nakata.

Early in his career, Nakata created Perfume music with various electronic music mixes with various pop genres such as chiptune, bitpop, electropop, technopop, trance, disco, techno, indie-dance, house, shibuya-kei. Nakata also manipulates the sound of these three personnel with a variety of effects that can blend with the technopop music that carried. Thanks to the genius of Yasutaka Nakata in shaping Perfume music early in his career, the group managed to become the most iconic electronic artist in Japan and has many fans around the world.

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Perfume also influences many electronic music not only in Japan but also around the world like the Vocaloid scena in the early era that was affected by sound manipulation performed by Perfume and manifested through Hatsune Miku. DJ and electronic producer Porter Robinson also stated that he liked the works of Yasutaka Nakata including Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
The Influence of Perfume is so strong that they become one of the most influential electronic artists in the world and this time Duniaku.net will give you nine songs of Perfume that you must hear and certainly have a big influence on the audience.
1Computer City (Album "Perfume: Complete Best", 2006)

Long before Avicii introduced the music "EDM-accoustic" through the song "Wake Me Up", and "Hey Brother". Yasutaka Nakata has used this song first through their second major label "Computer City". The song that tells about the love of this virtual world was brought up with an electropop style engrossed with the accompaniment of genjrengan guitar that jenih throughout the song. The rhythm of this song is reminiscent of technopop's skiena music especially in the tap and its effects. Perfume's cute and kawaii sounds match the theme of the song. The vocal manipulation that Perfume plays here inspired some Vocaloid songs in the early era and inspired the Vocaloid composers afterwards.
2Perfume (Album "Perfume: Complete Best", 2006)

In 2006 Perfume became the front guard of bitpop and technopop music along with other bitpop groups YMCK and Capsule which was also formed by Yasutaka Nakata through the song "Perfume". With chiptune music mix, technopop, bitpop, and liukan shibuya-kei make their name more popular especially in chiptune music fans who have loyal fanbase there.
Songs inspired by the work of the Yellow Magic Orchestra like "Computer Game" This makes the name Perfume known from word of mouth and add to their popularity. Through "Perfume" and the songs in Perfume: Complete Best they are ready to take off in popularity in Japan and around the world thanks to their unique and fresh style in the world electronica world.
3Polyrhythm ("Game" Album, 2008)

Before EDM began to spread all over the world. Perfume has made its own EDM revolution through "Polyrhythm". The single that carries their name to be one of the most popular pop artists in Japan has ever been used for the garbage recycle campaign from NHK. The song is also ever entered in the movie Cars 2 is using polystyrene intonation of music and play in the music house and rhythmic EDM and not just just cause a commotion. Jaxx Basement spirit seemed to infiltrate this song from beginning to end. The last part of the song is absolutely perfect to cover an EDM song.
4Secret Secret ("Game" Album, 2008)

This song is the ninth song on their debut album titled GAME which has been released on. "Secret Secret" is an advertising song for a Morinaga product called "Pino". This song has a very interesting progression, beginning with fade out vocals then connected with electropop beats that sound expensive with the influence of electropop music and Kylie Minogue house and The Chemical Brothers are thick. The metronome sound in this song not only keeps the tempo of the song and makes the song even more unique.

5One Room Disco ("Triangle" Album, 2009)

"One Room Disco" again shows Yasutaka Nakata's genius in mixing different genres into one song. The 9th single, which was released on March 25, 2009 and managed to become a champion in Japan, mixes electropop, bubblegum pop and disco into a complete package complete with music music from The Buggles' "The Killed The Radio Star" and a keyboard game of " Give Me Up "from Michael Fortunati. A typical bass game and synth sound are included to add an authentic impression of the disco word. "One Room Disco" itself is an amazing and intricate synthpop and disco song in the modern era.
Are you satisfied with the five Perfume songs above? There are still four more Perfume songs you should hear this week. Check out the next page to find out more about these four songs.

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