7 Characters Sword Art Online The Most Beautiful It Can Make You Fall

Sword Art Online is an anime lifted from a light novel that has the same title. In this anime there are many beautiful female characters. Let's check out the 7 most beautiful Sword Art Online characters in this article!
7Ayano Keiko

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Ayano Keiko is better known as Silica is one of the most beautiful Sword Art Online characters. His appearance in the real world as well as in the gaming world is very similar, that is, he has a bright brown hair ponytailed two with red ribbon.

The color of his eyes in the real world is light brown, while in the game world is red. He also wore red shirts in Sword Art Online, while in ALfheim Online, his clothes were blue and had ears and a cat's tail.
6Shinozaki Rika

Shinozaki Rika or Lisbeth, is a character that appears serial Sword Art Online and Alfheim Online. In the real world, Rika has brown hair that is adorned with a white hairpin.
In the beginning, Lisbeth characters in the gaming world also have the same hair color. But after a few days, Rika decided to change her hair color to pink. He also has dark pink eyes and wearing a red maid-style outfit. The cute outfit she uses is a plus point for her.
5Konno Yuuki

Characters better known by the name of this Yuuki managed to rank the fifth most beautiful Sword Art Online characters. Yuuki appeared in the ALfheim Online series where he is very famous for winning 67 consecutive duel, including defeating Kirito.
In the real world, Yuuki has short brownish black hair and looks very pale because of the pain he suffered. While in the gaming world, Yuuki has long dark purple hair and red eyes. The clothes she wore were also purple and decorated with little red ornaments.

Freyja is one of the Non-Player Characters (NPC) that appears in ALfheim Online series. It has very white skin with very long golden hair and green eyes. Freya also wearing a white dress so that her beauty increases.
Unfortunately, Freyja is originally a man in disguise. Yes, the man is Thor, a giant of 15 meters.
In addition to these four characters Sword Art Online is the prettiest, there are still three more characters are much prettier loh. Check out the follow-up on the following page!

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