4 Most Viewed YouTube Videos During MAMA Event

        source: aminoappsCurrently there have been many YouTube videos showing the performances of Korean idols at last year's MAMA show. Which videos are most viewed?

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MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award) is a regular event held by Mnet every year. The event that is often held in Hong Kong is a prestigious music awards show.

This year's MAMA event will be held in December. Well, for those of you who do not know how fun this MAMA event and maybe have not had time to watch, following Duniaku.net give 4 appearance idol at last year's MAMA show most watched via YouTube.

In this 5:54 minute video, GD and Taeyang sing their 2 songs, "Good Boy" and "Fantastic Baby". This YouTube video has been viewed 32,846,258 times.
This video also got viral because at the beginning of the show, GD had mocked MAMA show with rap lyrics. In addition, in the 2014 MAMA event, Taeyang also came home with Song Of The Year awards, Best Vocal Performance and Best Male Artist.

This video has been viewed 30,629,009 times. In the event MAMA practically BigBang perform at the peak of the event by bringing 3 songs at once are "Loser", "Bae Bae" and "Bang Bang Bang".
In the event MAMA 2015 Bigbang also brought home 2 Daesang Award (the most prestigious award) and 1 award for Best Music Video.

This one YouTube video also came from a performance performed by one of the members of BigBang that has been watched 24,669,622 times. In appearance at MAMA 2013 BigBang did not perform together, because this year the members of BigBang many who pursue solo career.
In this 16 minute long video there is TOP singing her solo single "Doom Dada", Taeyang with "Ringa Ringa", Seungri with "Strong Baby" and "Let's Talk About It", G-Dragon bringing her singles "Crooked" and closed with formation complete BigBang with the title song "Fantastic Baby".
42NE1 – MAMA 2015

This is the last time we see the appearance of 2NE1 before they finally announced to disband or disperse. The video is filled with CL's performance with her single "Hello Bitches" and followed by 2NE1's "Fire" and "I'm The Best" performances.
Despite the controversy that the audience felt that 2NE1 did not deserve to perform at MAMA, because they did not make a comeback that year. But this video is in the watch as much as 28,159,553 times lho!

Are there more MAMA's viewing videos? Please give your opinion via comment yes!

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