4 Idol Habits Frequently Done Without Their Realization

        source: smboysgenerationLots of idols are always careful if it is in front of the camera. But unwittingly they often do these little habits.

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As a fan it is only natural that they often pay attention to appearance, hair style, personal life, and even small habits performed by his favorite idols.

Idol habits are done without them realize it usually even make the fans more love them, but not infrequently some of these idol habits also make his fans feel worried.
Well, here are 4 idol habits that are often done in front of cameras that they do not realize.
1G-Dragon – Bigbang
source: pinterest Since debut to date, G-Dragon has a habit that has become a public secret, namely biting his fingernails on his finger! It is also often told by her, that her mother often scolded him for it.
Currently G-Dragon often wears nail polish, which makes him start slowly slowing down this habit.
2Xiumin – Exo

The custom of Xiumin made her call from her fans, "Chicken Feet". Chicken feet are a habit of hanging hands that look like skinny chicken legs. Fans arrested Xiumin doing so many times until he himself admitted his habit.
3Sehun – Exo

source: pinterest This handsome, handsome idol habits are unique, that is pressing their lips tightly. Sehun admitted the habit is often done by accident. He also admitted that his habits have been going on since he was in high school.
Even so, fans who often capture the moment even more like Sehun because he became very cute as a child.
4Dahyun – Twice

This 19 year old idol has an adorable custom. Dahyun often tilts his head 45 degrees. Habits are dilakukaknnya while being photographed, shooting, even while being joked with other Twice members.
Dahyun custom seems to make the fans become worried, if one day Dahyun will experience neck disorder later. But it denied Dahyun, he admitted that his habit has been done since childhood.

Funny also yes idol habit above? What little habits do you often do unconsciously? Share to us via the comment field below yes!
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