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A survey of popular faculties and schools in the field of advertising Learn or die! After all, the world changes every day, and advertising develops with it: new tools, technologies and even specialties appear, without which we can not build a successful advertising campaign. Lagging behind the process is like professional suicide. Online courses, offline lectures, webinars, seminars and workshops seem to have no number. Do not lag behind and solid universities, offering students new forms of education and attracting partners of reputable practitioners of the advertising market. Education has undergone significant changes: training cycles have become shorter, more convenient, more saturated. But how not to get lost in the variety of options for obtaining knowledge in the field of advertising? To help the beginners and send the doubters, together with the president and founder of the Progression Group, Irina Vasenina prepared an overview of popular Russian educational projects in the field of advertising. According to the classics Those who are just starting their professional way in advertising and want to get fundamental knowledge and a wider understanding of the marketing component of advertising, as well as a state diploma, we recommend that you pay attention to the following universities. 1. HSE University: Faculty of Communications, Media and Design A balanced combination of theory and practice, in the teaching staff – the best experts of the modern advertising market. The opportunity to obtain unique and highly specialized knowledge that allows fearlessly to get trained in the best advertising and marketing departments of Russian and Western companies. Educational program "Advertising and public relations", accredited by AKAR How to learn: 4 years full-time, bachelor degree Can I study for free: 35 free places (state budget) Who can I work: a specialist in strategic communications; in the creative or client department of an advertising agency; a development specialist; content manager; PR & GR specialist Uniqueness: Students themselves can choose up to a third of specialized courses and get narrower specializations or gain knowledge in related fields. Academic mentors accompany in the work on projects and help in choosing an educational trajectory. Project and research activities – practice occupies more than half of the educational process. The presence of narrow disciplines, which make it possible to obtain unique specialized knowledge. For example, the course "Non-media communications", which fully gives an idea of ​​the main approaches in creating advertising campaigns in non-media communication channels, in close interactive contact with consumers. Who teaches: experts from agencies and market leaders: CROS (Public Relations Development Company), Fleishman Hillard Vanguard, SPN Communications, Progression Group, TWIGA, Dentsu Aegis Network Russia, BBDO Group, Havas, Worldwide Moscow, Yandex, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, "Advertising Laboratory" 2. RASHiGS: faculty of advertising and service marketing The format of Liberal Arts accepted in America is an opportunity to get "one and a half higher" education (two specializations – basic and secondary). Students are trained to work with government bodies, which is consistent with the trends of the Russian economy. Educational program: "Advertising and public relations", ACAR accreditation How much to learn: 4 years full-time, bachelor degree Can I study for free: the number of budget places is limited. Who can work: specialists in the media, specialists in working with clients or creative specialists in advertising and communication agencies, in advertising departments within companies What is unique: the students master practical skills in public communications in public administration and public policy. In fact, when choosing Liberal Arts, the student receives "one and a half higher education". Who teaches: the head of the department, the vice-president of the ACAR, the Vice-President of the IMA Group, the official representative of the International Advertising Festival "Cannes Lions" in Russia and the CIS countries, the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences – Vladimir Evstafiev. 3. PFUR: Institute of World Economy and Business Combining fundamental knowledge in the field of communications with the study of foreign languages ​​is a good opportunity for PFUR students. Educational program: "Advertising and public relations", Accreditation ACAR How many to learn: 4 years full-time, bachelor's degree. Master's degree is 2 years. Is it possible to study for free: there are budget seats. Who can work: experts in the media, specialists in working with clients or creative specialists in advertising and communication agencies, in advertising departments within companies, PR & GR specialists in government organizations, specialists in political counseling. What is unique: emphasis on the managerial component, foreign languages ​​(2-3 languages), the annual participation of students in the scientific and practical conference "Advertising Vector". Who teaches: representatives of POV agencies-point of view, Maxus / WPP, Dymshits and partners, representatives of Philip Morris, 4P group, etc. 4. MGIMO: Faculty of International Journalism Forge of many stars and legends of the modern advertising market. Dmitry Korobkov, the founder and president of the ADV group, decided not just to support his native university. At the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, the ADV – Marketing Communications Department was created, which trains specialists not only for ADV. How many to study: 4 years Can I study for free: budget places are provided Who can I work: specialists for government agencies, PR & GR specialists in government organizations, specialists in political counseling and PR, specialists in working with clients or creative specialists in advertising and communication agencies, departments advertising within companies. Separate attention to graduates from the group ADV. What is unique: a set of disciplines is quite standard for the specialty, but the emphasis on networking (acquaintance with the right people and making business acquaintances that will be useful in the future) is not accidental – MGIMO is considered the main "forge of the cadres" of the modern government of the Russian Federation. Seminar training courses "Media Planning", "Non-media Communications", "Brand Communication Management: from Idea to Promotion" are read at the ADV Marketing Communications Department, new educational and methodological materials are created. Who teaches: specialists of agencies belonging to the ADV group, L.S. Consulting, Ketchum, etc. 5. State University of Management The modular training system allows you to collect the necessary educational "menu". Suitable for those students who already more or less represent where they will work. A rich practical base and relevant interactive tools will be useful for students who want to work immediately after receiving a diploma or earlier. Educational program: "Advertising and public relations". Partners: AKAR, RASO, Non-Commercial Partnership named after Yuri Zapol "Social, cultural and legal support in the field of advertising", Institute for Advertising and Publicity (Paris, France), Advertising and Communication Media Group Publicis Russia. How much to learn: 4 years internally Is it possible to study for free: 26 budget places. Who can work: experts in the media, specialists in working with clients or creative specialists in advertising and communication agencies, in advertising departments within companies, PR & GR specialists, specialists in the development and implementation of campaigns in the digital environment. What is unique: The program is structured on a modular basis. Thanks to the modular system, it is possible to select narrower profiles for training: "Advertising strategy", "Creative advertising technologies", "Communications in digital media". Using interactive forms and training tools, including RealTimeBoard and Basecamp Organizing regular master classes and trainings from Russian and international companies. Forming a personal portfolio of the student in the course of training. Project orientation of the final qualifying work. Possibility of internships in universities in Germany, France, Japan, China, Portugal , Finland. Who teaches: BBDO, TNS, LeoBurnett, RCG, Publicis Russia New schools To pump skills, refresh knowledge or update specialization – short-term forms of training, master classes and workshops with charismatic teachers and a new, sometimes very new approach to this approach are best suited training. 6. "ICRA" The slogan of the creative school "ICRA" "a lot of practice, inspiration, invigorating speakers and interesting trends" fully describes the process of teaching in this, perhaps, one of the leading schools in Moscow. Practical base: teachers from advertising agencies and marketing departments. How to study: Basic course on digital advertising and creative thinking – 187 hours, 3 times a week. An approximate cost: 118 800 rubles (basic course). There are many corporate programs that help to strengthen the creative expertise of business. Who will be useful: those who want to pump their creative thinking, a strategic approach, who wants to understand modern advertising techniques. To those who work on the client side – to understand how to properly assign the task to the agency and how to evaluate the result. And, of course, those who already work in agencies – to refresh and systematize their knowledge. What is unique: the development of strategic and creative thinking. The passage of the full cycle of building an advertising campaign. Possibility of obtaining new specialties and skills relevant to current trends for 3-5 months of training. Who teaches: The curator of the course is Danil Morozenko, creative director of the Progression Group agency, Mitya Voskresensky is the strategic director of Possible Group, Irina Zvereva is an independent copywriter, writer and poet, Ivan Dyachenko is the creative director of Jami, Maria Vertkina is a strategist for Daily Profit and the legendary Vasily Lebedev – the founder and ideological inspirer of the school. 7. Farm Creative School Farm Creative emphasizes the fact that one can not be an advertising specialist, being an expert in only one narrow area: according to the school's leaders, "the media now has to be a creator", which they are undoubtedly right. Practical base: Havas holding agencies and leading experts of the advertising industry. How to study: 15 weeksExample price: 4000 per week or 60 for the entire course. There are discounts, booking, installment payments. Who will be useful: those who are just starting their way in advertising and want to get more knowledge in a short time; those who want to update knowledge; those who want to change their specialty and expand their professional capabilities. What is unique: for 15 weeks of training on the main module you have to try yourself in all major advertising specialties, prepare a course project and practice with the agencies of the HAVAS Holding. Who teaches: Peter Mikhailovsky – curator of the "Strategy" block, ex-director of strategy at McCann and DDB Russia, 9 Effie awards, Ruslan Kharitonov – ex-creative director of Znamenka agency, author of the virus video "Infernal Squirrel" and own methods of teaching creativity; Dmitry Zenin – Creative lead at DDB Moscow, teaches design thinking, Anton Molodtsov – Strategy Director at Arena Magic Box, Havas Media Group, Ekaterina Ivovich – Director of Strategic Planning and Special Projects of Unite Agency, curator of the "Non-media Communications" and other sounds zdy advertising market. 8. MADS Educational project with short and long courses and master classes on various topics. The large course "Conceptual thinking in advertising" covers all stages of work – from brand analysis and development of ideas to strategy and its implementation. Short "Account superheroes", which was held not so long ago, prepares correct account-managers. Practical base: the Friends agency How many to learn: from 2 days to 3 months, depending on the courseExample price: from 15000 rub To whom it will be useful: managers and directors for the development of agencies, account directors and account managers of agencies. To all who are involved in interaction with the client. What is unique: separate courses and workshops dedicated to narrow issues. As an example, the course on the client business in the format "From the client to the agency". The course is only for work with clients. Who teaches: Ekaterina Beretar – the founder of New Biz AgencyAlina Shcherbakova – vice president of marketing for Utair 9. British Higher School of Design Almost already a classic. The place of power of the art public: artists, designers, brand managers and managers in the field of art and fashion. Practical base: teachers from marketing departments of well-known companies, leading experts from various advertising and communication agencies. Many courses are devoted to specialties related to visual communications. The short and intense intensity of "Marketing and brand management" deserves attention. How many to learn: from short 1-2 days intensities, to several years. depends on the course. The course "Marketing and brand management" – 1 year. The approximate cost: 350 thousand rubles a year. Who will be useful: the program is aimed at managers and directors of marketing and advertising, brand managers, product managers, business leaders, projects and business – directions, wishing to obtain best practices in the development and effective management of brands and products in order to increase sales and achieve a strategic advantage in business. What is unique: a fundamental theoretical basis, a large number of practical classes and collaborative projects with related programs help to acquire professional skills in a short time. Students will learn how to develop development concepts and effectively manage brands in order to increase sales and achieve a strategic advantage in business.? Who teaches: marketing directors of large companies, experts and heads of branding agencies, specialists in the field of visual communications, management, marketing from the best Russian and international companies. 10. "Netology" University of "Internet professions", as they call themselves. Has the most impressive list of programs for teaching digital: in the block "Marketing" there are 26, in "Project Management" – 18, in "Design and UX" – 17. Practical base: experts from major Russian and foreign companies: Google, Mail.ru , Alfa Bank. Resident SKSkolkovo, have a state license for educational activities.? How many to learn: from 1 week to 17 weeks. Under each direction its own program. An approximate cost: There are free-of-charge programs and loyalty programs, paid training of about 20,000 rubles per course. There are full-time programs and online education programs.? Who will be useful for: professionals who want to expand their professional capabilities, gain new knowledge and skills in the field of digital communications.? What is unique: the most complete and wide range of programs on digital specialties, the opportunity to choose a highly specialized course and get exactly the knowledge that is needed. Also, HR consulting is possible in employment issues.? Who teaches: each program has its own experts. These are representatives of famous digital agencies: Jami, BBDO, Mildberry, LeoBurnett and publishing houses (Mann, Ivanov and Farber), BankEx. 11. Wordshop Academy of Communications Wordshop was created by representatives of the largest advertising group BBDO and has been on the market for 10 years. Practical base: agency of the BBDO group and partners: Cheil, Comunica, DDVB, Friends MoscowHow to learn: 1 yearExample cost: basically 280 000 rubles per year. Who will benefit: those who decided to change their life scenario and make advertising and communications, producing or production of films by their profession. What is unique: 4 main faculties: Advertising, Digital, Filmmaking, Producing. Modular education system, the possibility of obtaining a double diploma, creating a professional portfolio, promise 100% job placement. Who teaches: representatives of the agencies of the BBDO group and partners, producers, scriptwriters, directors. Irina Vasenina Managing Partner Progression groupAcademician of the Russian Academy of AdvertisingAnnouncement of the Committee for Marketing Services (BTL) AKAR: Knowledge is becoming obsolete faster than students have time to defend the thesis, so simply having a diploma is not a guarantor of status for a long time. For those who want to work in the communications industry, the best choice will be a combination of classical education in a serious university with more practical additional courses in the specialty that would complement the chosen one. To update knowledge is important in any grow, at any position. How to know, perhaps, these additional knowledge will bring you not just career growth and material prosperity, but seriously change the professional destiny, and yesterday's marketing manager will become an excellent copywriter, and the art director will move to brand managers, or even go to digital -Production.

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